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Design documentation development

Design documentation development

Today, libraries occupy a leading position in solving the global problem of building an information society. The complexity of the tasks raises the need to improve information and library services. New directions and forms of library work aimed at meeting the needs of users are emerging. The library becomes an active subject of the market economy, the efficiency of its work is evaluated on real cases that can not be carried out without using the design technique.

Design is the activity of drafting.

Today there are many definitions of the concept of "project". In Latin "project" means "thrown forward", i.e., the forward look for any activity. In the modern interpretation of the project-a phased effective implementation of the conceived idea in a specific time with the involvement of optimal funds and resources.

Library projects are social non-profit projects in the field of providing better and better access to information. Libraries are engaged in project activities, both at their own expense and by attracting additional funding.